With Appreciation

A big thank you to everyoneĀ for yourĀ kind notes and for sharing your memories of my mom. She definitely left her impact, especially with the knittersĀ that she taught over the years. She would have been overwhelmed.
We had a nice reception celebrating her life last week. People from all aspects of her life attended including family, friends, knitters, quilters and even a co-worker from when she worked at the bank over 40 years ago. She was a special lady.

kcpoIn the midst of everything that’s been going on, we have also had two major repairs happening at the shop. I oversaw the replacement of our gas lines from mom’sĀ ICU room, and this week we had the upstairs sewer line replaced. Now we have a water leak. The fun never seems to end! When I write my memoirs, there will be a chapter titledĀ “So You Want to Own a Historic Building, a Cautionary Tale”.
So excuse our little mess, but we’re open and carrying on as usual. We’re not about to let a few plumbers parked in the middle of the store slow us down!

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  • jwoods

    11.04.2016 at 16:04

    Sherry would be so proud of you for the lovely memorial service. You two were so blessed to have one another, not only as mom/daughter, but as best friends. I love the gorgeous picture of the two of you. I’m sure it is framed somewhere in your home since it’s beautiful.
    Fond Memories of Sherry,
    Jane Woods