You’re invited to celebrate fall in style at Sealed with a Kiss!
fall yarns . . . Color and texture dominate this season, with yarns from the tiny to super-sized. Offerings from many of our favorite companies, with a few new and returning lines, including Rowan and Prism, are sure to excite!
fashion . . . An expanded selection of Comfy USA fashions, along with stylish handbags, luxe lotions and rollerball perfumes to keep you looking and feeling your best.
swag bag . . . Complimentary tote bag for all who attend, filled with assorted goodies.
join the fun . . . Good eats, door prizes, great camaraderie, and a really fun time.
Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 6th from 10am to 5pm.

We love a good party, and have plenty of cause for celebration. The year-long celebration of our 25th year in business continues, and is quite an accomplishment! We are also wrapping up a four-year long process of renovating our historic building.
We got a facelift in 2014, just in time for the holidays…
Summer of 2016 we repaired a huge sinkhole in the middle of the shop, and completely renovated the display and classroom areas…
Sealed with a Kiss
Last summer we focused on the office, kitchen, and restrooms…
This summer we tackled the hallways, storage, and back patio. Seems simple enough, however huge piles of STUFF became crammed in every nook and cranny as a result of our reorganizing. It was to the point that we entered the storeroom at our own risk. We half-expected to see this:
And the back patio looked more like a scene from Sanford & Son. I am happy to report that our back now looks as beautiful and organized as the front. MISE EN PLACE…hooray!
Our beautiful ceiling now extends all the way to the back door. The hallway will no longer be crammed full of stuff, once we get the stacks of boxes filled with fall yarns open and on the shelf. The process of flipping the store for fall begins soon, so the beautiful yarns hiding in all of these boxes will be filling the shop as we prepare for Yarn-a-Doodle-Doo.
Our store room has always been a nightmare. Thanks to a nifty new floor, a fresh coat of paint, and gobs of click-clack containers, the store room is now a happy place!
After getting our roof replaced two years ago, the contractor left us in quite a pickle, and with a big mess. I could start my own list of workers NOT to use! Fortunately I found a couple of local guys who are the BOMB and they got me put all back together, even restoring our wrought iron, installing new steps and a gate.
If you’ve been wondering why we’ve had a giant rooster sitting in the back hallway for what seems like forever, well this is the moment he’s been waiting for.
When we had to take out our trees, I had the idea that I would make a giant tree metal sculpture…never mind the fact that I don’t know zip about metal art, and can’t even weld. So when I saw this huge rooster, I knew he’d be better than a tree – and less likely to lead to blindness or a burn unit.
My landscaper (aka Mr. SWAK) hooked us up with some pretty fall flowers.
Our yarn-bombed bench that was previously located on the front sidewalk had practically been destroyed by hoodlums, and had turned into a smoking section. So we moved it out back and gave it a fresh look.
I had given up on ever having another scarecrow – hoodlum kids kept vandalizing her. But our knitting gal is now on the back porch and hopefully will remain intact.
And this seems like a perfect reason to celebrate with a big Yarn-a-Doodle-Doo – hope you can join us!
ps…the back door is always open. There’s a big lot with plenty of parking out back, come on in and see our renovated back patio in person!
pps…speaking of giant roosters, if you need a good laugh read this. It truly sounds like a chapter out of my own life!

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  • Donna Miller

    19.09.2018 at 15:02

    Keely, it looks amazing! 25 years is a BIG accomplishment!!!