Year Round Trunk Show

We have a fantastic trunk show on display, featuring all of the garments from Classic Elite’s Year Round pattern book. With the exception of our scorching hot summers, this collection is filled with great designs knit in yarns that are perfect for our climate.

Through a stroke of luck, we will have this show on display for several weeks to come! Hopefully we’ll get to keep it for most of the summer.
Speaking of climate, we’ve had it with storms and tornados! We had a super scary close call in Guthrie on Thursday, and our thoughts are with all of those who have been effected by the storms.
viaductAny minute now I expect the sirens to start blaring again in Guthrie, but this time for the flood. They always make a big to-do about this on the news. Don’t worry, Guthrie doesn’t flood. The water comes out of the creek and covers Hwy 33, cutting off the west and east sides of town. There’s no one standing on their roof needing to be rescued, no FEMA, just a few men standing around looking at water on the road.
So unless you plan to travel to Guthrie from the west on Hwy 33, there is no need for concern. The water will probably come up and be gone by tomorrow anyway.
Instead we’re worried about you, especially our friends in Moore, Yukon, SW OKC, etc. If there is anything we can do to help, give us a shout. We always have good company, air conditioning, WIFI, and food to share and I bet we’re one of the only yarn shops around with a shower. Yes, we have a shower and a urinal, but that’s another story.

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